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Butterfly Wedding Releases (Founded in 1993)

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We have been supplying SA butterflies as confetti since 1999.
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Responses from clients

Birthday Parties

March 2017

Upon placing her order: I sincerely appreciate the exceptional assistance you have provided to date. I am so excited and just know that my daughter will be thrilled and that this will be a positive impact on nature is a super bonus.Thank you for the wonderful work that you and your team do. Looking forward to the special day.
The release: Hi. Here are a few pics that were taken at my daughters party. She is the lass with the face paint on. Some of the butterflies were very friendly and hung around for a while. Thanks for an amazing experience.


Bronwynne Ferreira



“Hi there, a couple of years ago you supplied butterflies for my daughter’s 4th birthday, we planted a butterfly garden and we have many butterflies to this day. The budding “butterfly and animal scientist” as she calls herself is about to turn 7 and asked for butterflies again. I told her I thought we had left it a bit late (birthday is at the end of March) but that I would ask whether it would be possible to have butterflies again…
We had a wonderful time releasing them. It was incredible to see the kids’ faces when the butterflies were released, hopefully lots of them will choose to make my very carefully planted garden their home.”


Carla and daughter


March 2015

“I’m really looking forward to it and can’t wait for my kids to experience releasing the beautiful butterflies. I will send you some photos. My only wish that I had more money to support you guys better. Thanks for the exceptional customer service. There are many companies in SA that can learn from you!”




Special Birthday party

“We opened our packets around my daughter Sharon, 12 years old. She opened her packet. I got such a shock when she collapsed onto the ground and started crying, filled with emotion. I’ll never forget this day and the expression on her face. It was one of those once in a million moments of time. Thank you so very much.”