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Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

We are looking for future breeders in all provinces.
Individuals who live in any province in South Africa who are willing to come to Our School of Lepidoptera in KZN and study to be breeders in their respective cities to start breeding butterflies for their local community functions.

We will provide their following courses
(All course materials as listed below) found on the website www.cbisa.co.za under the heading SABBA – Coc Courses

Where will you stay while in training?
We will provide accommodation and meals in KZN

How long do the courses take?
Initially, you will be trained (practical) for a two week period and then continue you education at your own home as you have much to do in preparation for your butterfly breeding adventure.

Final Exams
Each student breeder with do their finals at our training centre in KZN and on receiving their Coc course certificates will be ready to receive orders from their local communities.

What are the costs involved?

1) You have to get to our offices (transportation and petrol/diesel) – at your own cost
2) Your accommodation for two weeks R 1500.00
3) Your meals excluding all sundries R 1500.00
4) Course materials R 14 000.00 Deposit of R 4000.00 and monthly payments of R 1 666.00 per month. (this includes all your breeding equipment needed for your breeding adventure into the future)

What do you need to bring?
Pens, camera or cell phone for taking video film and snap shots, tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, towel, clothing. These are essentials. Don’t forget yourself.

How to apply?