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Conditions Of Order

Butterfly Wedding Releases (Founded in 1993)

In Association with South African Butterfly Breeding Association (SABBA)
A Non Profit Company (NPC) – Registration No. 2005/035553/08, P. O. Box 599, Ramsgate, 4285.

We have been supplying SA butterflies as confetti since 1999.
Note; This service is not available to wedding/function Coordinators or wedding/function Venues

To avoid misunderstandings and misrepresentations
– we do not deal with third parties –

Conditions of Order

Please take careful note of the conditions of order below.

  1. A mixed batch of butterflies consists of butterflies that we are breeding at the time of your wedding/function. These could be any different colour, size or specie of butterfly.
  2. We recommend that butterflies are delivered either one day prior to the wedding/function, or on the day itself. If you wish to have the butterflies more than one day prior to the wedding/function, you do so at your own risk. We do not deliver to wedding/function Co-ordinators or to wedding/function Venues. We cannot take liability for losses.
  3. You have to inform us of how you would like your butterflies delivered to you. However, it must be noted that we do not accept arrangements made on your behalf by a wedding/function Co-ordinator or wedding/function venue.
  4. If there is no other way that you can collect your butterflies from our breeding centres, our last resort is for Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa (CBISA) to do so at their own discretion – without any liability on their part.
  5. SABBA/CBISA is not responsible for any consignment of butterflies that has left the immediate care of its staff. Once the consignment is placed in the care of any other transport agent, Airways, Courier Service, or third party, liability for the consignment ceases for SABBA/CBISA and then become the liability of the person ordering the butterflies.
  6. There will be no refunds of any means possible due to negligence or non delivery by any of the transport agencies employed once the butterflies have left our care and safely handed to any transport agency on your behalf.
  7. Cold butterflies. It has happened in the past with releases, that due to the change in altitudes, butterflies sometimes need up to 12 hours to recuperate from their journey. Be advised that the butterflies are not dead, but in a dormant state and will recover as they warm up.
  8. Once butterflies are checked and verified to be in good condition prior delivery, our liability ceases on handing them over to any other entity (third party) who collects or delivers them on your behalf. We cannot be held liable for any unforeseen delays, damaged packaging or what your guests may or may not do to incur harm to these butterflies.
  9.  Upon receipt of your butterflies, follow the set of instructions supplied to you as per the certificate of release.
  10. Please note that we do not package our butterflies in square boxes, as these boxes allow the butterflies space in which to fly and therefore they damage their wings. We package our butterflies in flat triangular packets which ensures that the butterflies remain in a sleeping position until the release.
  11. Any deposits that have been paid will be forfeited, should the order be cancelled, as the breeding process would have already started.
  12. All complaints must be lodged within 24 hours of receiving the butterflies. If this requirement is not met, all negotiation for compensation will be forfeited.
  13. Due to unforeseen fraudulent activity, any unauthorized payments into the account number provided will not be refunded.
  14. By making payment is a confirmation from you that you are aware of our conditions of order and have accepted that SABBA carries no liability for standard conditions of any transport agencies used in the delivery or collection of your package.
  15. Due to non collection of your order, by you carrier, the order being live stock, you wavier the right to any form of a refund or negotiations for a refund. All liability will be that of the client and not that of the suppliers being SABBA due to any causes foreseen or unforeseen on any arrangements the client has made with their carrier.
  16. All uncollected livestock will be forfeited within three days of any non collection from arranged date of collection and disposed of for health reasons.
  17. By confirming your order through payment, you are accepting the conditions of whichever carrier, either by land or air travel, who takes responsibility to deliver your package.


Standard Conditions of Any Transport Agencies:

1. All articles are carried at owner’s /customer’s /sender’s /receiver’s risk and the Carrier accepts no liability for loss or damage to such property or any consequential loss or damage arising there from.

2. All charges are levied according to mass or volume per consignment (whichever is the greater) and not by value of the article’s carried unless agreed to the contract, in writing by the Carrier.

3. Without derogating from the provisions of clause 1, should it nevertheless be held that the Carrier has been negligent in any manner and is liable for any loss and/or damage:

a) Liability shall be limited to R100 (vat incl.) per kilogram to a maximum of R3000 (vat incl.) per consignment carried, but in all cases shall not exceed the actual manufactured cost of the article/s or the mutually agreed cost of repairs.

b) Clause 3a above shall not apply to consignment/s comprising cash, money bank notes, stamps, deeds, travellers cheques, precious stones, previous metals, bullion, livestock, cellular phones, watches, jewellery, declared or undeclared.

4. The Carrier shall have the right to refuse to accept a consignment or consignments if such consignment/s is/are in the opinion of the Carrier of a fragile nature, unpacked, insufficiently packed, high risk in nature or do not comply with the quantities as regulated by the Dangerous Good Digest of SA, or any other regulated goods, declared or undeclared, but should it decide to:

a) Accept such consignment/s, the provisions of clause 1 will apply.

b) Accept a consignment as described in clause 3b above, the provisions of clause 1 will apply

c) Accept the consignments and agree to package or re-package the consignments, whether for reward or not, the provisions of clause 1 will apply.

d) Accept the consignment/s at a time when the customer is not available to agree to package or re-package the consignment/s, whether for reward or not, the provisions of clause 1 will apply.

5. Whilst the Carrier undertakes to use all reasonable endeavours to effect delivery of any goods at its receiving terminus, depot or any address at the time advertised or promised by the Carrier, the Carrier does not guarantee that such goods ill in fact be delivered at such advertised times and without prejudice to the afore-going limitations on the Carrier’s liability the Carrier disclaims any and all liability for any consequences arising from the late delivery of such goods.

6.. Where payment for carriage, or any other services rendered by the Carrier, is made by cheque or any other means and such payment is not honoured on presentation, or the cheque returned ‘refer to drawer’ through no fault of the Carrier, the drawer/payer agrees to compensate the Carrier, on demand, for all and any additional charges incurred by the Carrier in recovering such payment.

7. Where goods despatched for the account of the receiver, are not accepted on such a basis, the charges will revert to the account of the sender. Similarly, should the receiver decline to accept the Carrier’s Standard Trading Conditions and Terms of Carriage, the acceptance thereof will revert to the sender.

8. C.O.D (for value of consignment) means cash or cheque or both unless written notification to the contrary is received prior to despatch. C.O.D’s must be collected within 7 days of documentation. The Carrier accepts no liability for monies not collected within this time.
A Storage Fee may be levied on goods not collected within 48 hours of arrival.

On Receiving your butterflies

– Collection –

Collecting your butterflies personally from our breeding facilities can save you money and time. Also allowing you to see your live butterflies with a demonstration of how to release them at your wedding venue.


– Caring –

Keep in a cool area at all times.
In hot weather conditions,wrap in a wet towel and in a cool area to prevent dehydration.


– Preparation –

Delegate one person to deal with your package from its arrival at its destination. Make sure they understand the conditions of release and the handling of your precious cargo.


– Releasing –

Inside the package is a detailed format set out for your release.
Please follow the instructions provided closely – it is to the benefit of your special occasion


– A New Service –

Various breeders are undergoing training in all nine provinces to accommodate butterflies for your weddings. These breeders are members of CBISA and SABBA and their actual breeding localities are under the supervision of our head office in Ramsgate, KZN. These breeders are supplied the orders from CBISA head office and a delivery service is being implemented to deliver these orders directly to your door. To make sure of these facts – please contact Lizanne for final arrangements.


Note: Failure to make payment (deposit) on the stipulated date mentioned in your quotation for your order and the stipulated date for final payment of your order, will result in automatic cancellation of your order. (See your quotation). Please read the conditions of your order attached to your quotation before any payments are made.


No order shall be accepted without a contact number, quantity required, stipulated destination and date of wedding. These must be supplied. It is essential that you request a quotation. Quotations are only valid for seven working days.


By accepting the order through making payment means that you have accepted the conditions of the order for your butterflies, as listed above in paragraphs 1 to 17 and agree that these conditions are irrevocable.