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Ependymoma Day – May 2017


LONEHILL – Families came together to celebrate the lives of those who struggle with ependymoma. Layla O’Neill with her butterfly friend on her arm. The Lonehill community came together on 6 May at Lonehill Park to raise funds and release live butterflies in support of Ependymoma Day and to honour brave children who live with brain and spinal cord tumours. The Lonehill community enjoyed a day under the blue autumn sky surrounded by good company and laughter. A lovely tea garden, cakes, picnics and good South African boerie wors rolls were on offer as well. Parents and children enjoy the day. Layla O’Neill, the Ependymoma warrior princess, honoured the day with her presence and her smile. She was in complete awe when all the butterflies were released and laughed when one butterfly made itself comfortable on her little hand. A Star Wars themed birthday table was set up for all the children who enjoyed the snacks with their butterfly friends fluttering around them. A variety of beautiful butterflies flutter around. Sharyn, O’Neill’s mother, said it was an honour to have all the parents and children there and thanked them for being an inspiration and hope to others. She thanked all the doctors who came to the event and the sponsors and mentioned that without financial support the battle would be lost.

February 2017

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Butterflies for Autism” Night Walk in Mossel Bay on 15 April 2016


“It was a truly remarkable experience. “


Ependymoma Day – 2016


Butterflies were released as a symbol of hope as community members and friends gathered to honour Ependymoma Day on 7 May in support of Lonehill resident, Layla O’Neill, who has been suffering from the illness for the past three years. “This day means so much to me and it is close to my heart, not because of the children who suffer from it, but the day being a symbol of hope for those who suffer from it,” said Layla’s mother, Sharyn. “Just as a caterpillar changes to a butterfly… a butterfly changes to hope, and hope is holding on, never giving up, holding on to the power of possibility.” Ependymoma is a primary tumor which either starts in the brain or spine. Layla, with her fighting spirit, turned seven on 9 May, two years past her expected life span. Sharyn and Ependy Angels, a non-profit organisation Sharyn founded to help promote and raise awareness about rare childhood cancers, thanked community members for all their support as well as to those who still support Layla with their continuous prayers. The day took place at Lappies Park in Lonehill, as community members brought their picnic baskets along and children enjoyed creating glittering arts and crafts butterflies. “Our journey started with Layla, our princess who has fought and still fighting ependymoma,” said





“I could stand here and tell her story but we would need three years, which is how long she has been fighting. With 24 tumors, a few brain tumor seedlings, three brain stem tumors and two cysts in the brain later, she is still with us.” She added that every day could be their last day with Layla but they were always hopeful for tomorrow. “We unite our voices as we stand together with those diagnosed today and for those who are diagnosed tomorrow,” said Sharyn. “We become the difference, the source of hope for those to come and we remember those who have fallen as we rejoice those who never give up.”


Details: sharyn.oneill@ependyangels.co.za


Ependymoma Day – May 2015


Ependy Angels hosted their 2nd annual Ependymoma Day butterfly release. Layla who was diagnosed in 2013 not only inspired but also made it known in South Africa that Ependymoma does exist. The Butterfly Release was held in Lonehill, Johannesburg where survivors and sufferers joined hands with family and friends, as they personally released butterflies in honor of all the heroes before them and angels like them.


Children made their own butterflies, while Ependy Angels educated parents about Ependymoma. Families enjoyed a beautiful picnic as they sat amongst the beauty above and hid the sadness within. Sharyn O’neill (Founder of Ependy Angels and mother of Layla) mentioned the research done by Cern Foundation and all their efforts to inspire us and giving hope. A beautiful day with colours of love.


The community came together to support this form of rare brain and spinal cancer, giving hope to others, inspiring them daily and showing compassion when it mattered most. Next year Ependymoma Day South Africa Butterfly Release will be something not to be missed. A Big thank you to Lizanne and her team for the amazing butterflies.


Sharyn O’neill