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How to do it yourself

How to do it yourself – It’s so easy

How? It’s so easy. Have you ever bred silk worms or know someone who did? Well they will tell you just how easy it is. Most children have done it in their Eco school classes.

What do you need?

Well there is not much that you need. The Butterfly Breeding Electronic Manual, Some shoe boxes, the butterfly Ovum (eggs) and of course the host plant (What they eat). The larvae (caterpillars) do the rest.

You can purchase our Starter Kit.
Consisting of:
a) 4 x plastic breeding boxes
b) 1 x Chrysalis (pupa) box and 4 x Chrysalis (pupa) holders
c) the Ovum (eggs) of the butterfly) R 650.00 per 100
d) And the most important item; Butterfly Breeding Electronic Manual R850.00.
e) Totaling R 1500.00 (Courier Costs excluded).

How long does it take?
It takes between three weeks to four weeks from butterfly Ovum (eggs) to become the actual Imago (butterfly).

How long before you must order?
Six (6) weeks before you date of release. For the Butterfly Breeding Electronic Manual.


Seven (7) weeks, If you purchase the Starter Kit – (Your 4 plastic breeding boxes – 1 x (Chrysalis) Pupa box and 4 x Chrysalis (pupa) holders – 100 x the Ovum (eggs) of the Imago (butterfly), R 650.00 and the most important Butterfly Breeding Electronic Manual for R850.00.
Totaling R 1500.00.

What are the benefits?
1) No dead butterflies arriving at your doorstep
2) Only breed butterflies that naturally occur in your area
3) You get to see the full life cycle of the butterflies being bred
4) No exorbitant courier costs
5) No late arrivals of your butterflies
6) Savings of thousands of rands (e.g. 100 butterflies would have cost you R 6 020.00) but you can do it for as little as R 850.00 (Butterfly Breeding Electronic Manual). And there is no cruelty to the butterflies.

How do you get started?
All you need to get started is a Butterfly Breeding Electronic Manual at a cost of R 850.00 and you can do it all by yourself.

Help Line 074 4225 577
A professional breeder will be on hand to assist you in your progress whenever you need some telephonic help. Times 08h00 to 17h00 (7 days a week)