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Our Special Service

We Provide a Special Service

We offer you our service and expertise of our expert breeders to come and breed your butterflies for you. However, this DOES cost more.

How does it work?
The breeder will come to your area and set up either in a caravan park or wherever he can find a suitable place to do the breeding of your butterflies. The nearer to you the better.

About the breeder.
These are dedicated and professional people who have dedicated their lives to conservation of butterflies in South Africa with an abundant knowledge of butterflies and their care. They are lecturers too and while there can lecture at schools, book clubs, and garden clubs, and teach others how to breed butterflies for the local community. The breeder, being in the area is creating an awareness of our butterflies and their plight. All our breeders are registered to “Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa” (CBISA) and are Coc endorsed.

Releasing the butterflies at your function
The breeder is there to make sure that everything goes well with you function. He/she (who ever is available) will release or instruct how the release should take place. He/She will take care of the whole process for you. You have nothing to worry about. He/She does it all.

The breeder knowing his butterflies will instruct any photographer how to take film footage or stills of the butterflies for your function (if needed)

Butterfly Decor
Our butterfly expert (breeder) is there and can advise and assist in décor, including flowers for the benefit of the butterflies, butterfly pebbles for tables, and more for your needed occasion and to assist to make it special. A memory to last forever.

What do I do to get a quote?
You fill in the contact form below and email it to us.

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