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We have been supplying SA butterflies as confetti since 1999.
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Responses from clients

Corporate Events

February 2017

Good morning Lizanne
Thank you very much for your great service and advice for our company launch. Everything worked extremely well. Once we have photos, I will send you a few
With kind regards,
Frans Stander
Sales Executive
Engagement Solutions
Consulta (Pty) Ltd.

Butterflies for Autism” Night Walk in Mossel Bay on 15 April 2016


“It was a truly remarkable experience. “

Ependymoma Day – 2016


Butterflies were released as a symbol of hope as community members and friends gathered to honour Ependymoma Day on 7 May in support of Lonehill resident, Layla O’Neill, who has been suffering from the illness for the past three years. “This day means so much to me and it is close to my heart, not because of the children who suffer from it, but the day being a symbol of hope for those who suffer from it,” said Layla’s mother, Sharyn. “Just as a caterpillar changes to a butterfly… a butterfly changes to hope, and hope is holding on, never giving up, holding on to the power of possibility.” Ependymoma is a primary tumor which either starts in the brain or spine. Layla, with her fighting spirit, turned seven on 9 May, two years past her expected life span. Sharyn and Ependy Angels, a non-profit organisation Sharyn founded to help promote and raise awareness about rare childhood cancers, thanked community members for all their support as well as to those who still support Layla with their continuous prayers. The day took place at Lappies Park in Lonehill, as community members brought their picnic baskets along and children enjoyed creating glittering arts and crafts butterflies. “Our journey started with Layla, our princess who has fought and still fighting ependymoma,” said Sharyn.


“I could stand here and tell her story but we would need three years, which is how long she has been fighting. With 24 tumors, a few brain tumor seedlings, three brain stem tumors and two cysts in the brain later, she is still with us.” She added that every day could be their last day with Layla but they were always hopeful for tomorrow. “We unite our voices as we stand together with those diagnosed today and for those who are diagnosed tomorrow,” said Sharyn. “We become the difference, the source of hope for those to come and we remember those who have fallen as we rejoice those who never give up.”
Details: sharyn.oneill@ependyangels.co.za

Ependymoma Day – May 2015


Ependy Angels hosted their 2nd annual Ependymoma Day butterfly release. Layla who was diagnosed in 2013 not only inspired but also made it known in South Africa that Ependymoma does exist. The Butterfly Release was held in Lonehill, Johannesburg where survivors and sufferers joined hands with family and friends, as they personally released butterflies in honor of all the heroes before them and angels like them.


Children made their own butterflies, while Ependy Angels educated parents about Ependymoma. Families enjoyed a beautiful picnic as they sat amongst the beauty above and hid the sadness within. Sharyn O’neill (Founder of Ependy Angels and mother of Layla) mentioned the research done by Cern Foundation and all their efforts to inspire us and giving hope. A beautiful day with colours of love.

The community came together to support this form of rare brain and spinal cancer, giving hope to others, inspiring them daily and showing compassion when it mattered most. Next year Ependymoma Day South Africa Butterfly Release will be something not to be missed. A Big thank you to Lizanne and her team for the amazing butterflies.
Sharyn O’neill

Birthday Parties

March 2017

Upon placing her order: I sincerely appreciate the exceptional assistance you have provided to date. I am so excited and just know that my daughter will be thrilled and that this will be a positive impact on nature is a super bonus.Thank you for the wonderful work that you and your team do. Looking forward to the special day.
The release: Hi. Here are a few pics that were taken at my daughters party. She is the lass with the face paint on. Some of the butterflies were very friendly and hung around for a while. Thanks for an amazing experience. Bronwynne Ferreira


March 2015

“Hi there, a couple of years ago you supplied butterflies for my daughter’s 4th birthday, we planted a butterfly garden and we have many butterflies to this day. The budding “butterfly and animal scientist” as she calls herself is about to turn 7 and asked for butterflies again. I told her I thought we had left it a bit late (birthday is at the end of March) but that I would ask whether it would be possible to have butterflies again…
We had a wonderful time releasing them. It was incredible to see the kids’ faces when the butterflies were released, hopefully lots of them will choose to make my very carefully planted garden their home.”
Carla and daughter

March 2015

“I’m really looking forward to it and can’t wait for my kids to experience releasing the beautiful butterflies. I will send you some photos. My only wish that I had more money to support you guys better. Thanks for the exceptional customer service. There are many companies in SA that can learn from you!”

Special Birthday party

“We opened our packets around my daughter Sharon, 12 years old. She opened her packet. I got such a shock when she collapsed onto the ground and started crying, filled with emotion. I’ll never forget this day and the expression on her face. It was one of those once in a million moments of time. Thank you so very much.”

Miscellaneous Experiences


Hi there. I have ordered butterflies from you for both my wedding and my ten year anniversary. April is our 15th anniversary! Can I organise 30 butterflies ?


Hi –I just gave you guys a post on Facebook !!
GOOD SERVICE CANNOT GO UNPUNISHED (PUBLISHED?) Most of my friends know that I am mad about macro, and have posted pics of Butterfly wings taken by experts – and I wanna doit ! Butterfly world down here were most unhelpful, almost rude. So it comes as a pleasant surprise when I got a reply from Lizanne Whiteley of “Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa”, (the South African Butterfly Breeding Association) who was willing to look for some wings to send me, but felt it may not be worth the expense.In my language that is a YES – now we are negotiating.
One thing led to another, and they “APOLOGISED” and asked if I would be prepared to accept some “exotic” wings, as they could not use them.Exotic – WOW.
I made a donation to cover postage, and then some, and now await delivery !!

February 2015

“Yesterday we were sitting outside with an ice cold drink. And the most beautiful butterfly came and sat on my glass. I could see he wanted to have something to drink so I tilted the glass and there he was drinking and flew off again. What an amazing experience.”


March 2017

Hi Lizanne
Ek moet vir jou dankie se die butterflies dit was asemrowend baie baie mooi so n’ peace restored baie dankie Lizanne

December 2016

“Good morning Hayley-Ann. We are including an incredibly beautiful butterfly in the package, marked with a small heart on the packet. This butterfly is one of our special ones, a large male that hatched this morning. We know that you wish to have a mass release, but perhaps you could give this specific butterfly to Declan’s parents to release, besides the mass release?”

December 2016

“Hi Lizanne,I’m reading your mail and the tears are streaming down my face. Your kindness is amazing. Thank you so very much for your special gesture. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”
Much love, Hayley-Ann Rodgers

December 2016

Good morning Lizanne. The butterfly release was absolutely amazing. There were over 200 people at the funeral and once we started handing them out, everyone swarmed us. The butterfly you selected for Declan’s parents was the most beautiful butterfly we had ever seen. And he didn’t fly away straight away. He lingered around for everyone to marvel in his exquisite beauty. It was absolutely the saddest day that we had ever experienced but somehow with all the love and support surrounding everyone, the butterflies brought a form of release to everyone as they let them float off into the air, and whisper a silent goodbye. I just want to thank you once again for making our day so special, and for that beautiful butterfly for Steven and Stacey.
Warm regards, Hayley-Ann Rodgers

May 2015

Hi Lizanne, thanks – butterflies worked well – added a nice touch to the funeral as most had not seen it done before. All the best.

January 2015

“The butterflies were wonderful and everyone was so amazed by such a thing. They had never heard of a butterfly release.”

March 2014

“We would just like to thank you. You have help us to make our Granny’s Funeral very special. We will always remember this. All the butterflies were so beautiful and very pretty. Thank you so much. It was so beautiful. Thank you very very much. You have made it so special. Thank you “
Alida and family

March 2014

“Die skoenlapper, is een van God se mooiste skeppings. Twee skoenlappers wat saam vlieg, word gesien as ‘n simbool van liefde. Skoenlappers verteenwoordig die Vryheid van jou Gees, ook geluk en vreugde. Die ruspe (Onse Oumatjie) het die einde van haar lewe bereik, maar sy is nou in ‘n volgende fase. Soos ‘n mooi, skoenlapper wat vry in die lug dans. Daar was onder andere ook ‘n spesie onder hulle watgenoem word “The Mother Of Pearl”. Net soos Ouma was. Een van die skoenlappers wat ons laat gaan het, het op my dogtertjie se blaadjie kom sit. Tot die Dominee gese het Amen, en die skoenlappertjie het gevlieg. Dit het haar gesiggie laat blom. Baie dankie vir al julle moeite. Die skoenlappers was so pragtig.”

March 2014

“I just want to say a very big “THANK YOU” for the butterflies for my husband’s funeral, we played His favourite song ‘MY BUTTERFLY” WHICH HE USED TO SING TO OUR LATE DAUGHTER!!! I felt it appropriate that as the coffin left the church our special song was played and 50 butterflies handed out as a token of the 50 years we were married!!! I can honestly tell you that the Minster and everyone has been speaking about these beautiful butterflies and how peacefully they flew once we opened them!!

It was so awesome and when my one flew away I actually ran after it shouting there goes my butterfly, it was so touching!!! SO SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I just loved it!!! We had plus/minus 150 people attend the service as my husband was very respected and well known in the Motor Racing and boxing world. If you would like to access to my son’s website his name is GRANT VAN SCHALKWYK, he raced for many years here and abroad and you will read some of the comments made re the funeral and the impact the butterflies made on the day of celebration for our Dad and Hubby!!

Wishing you all the very best and please stay in touch. Was a wonderful experience which touched many people’s lives as well as the children. God bless and take care. With lots of butterfly love, Judy & Grant.”
Judy & Grant van Schalkwyk

March 2014

“Just want to say a big thank you to you and the Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa. What a wonderful idea, everybody was so thrilled. Our friend Bronnie who passed was called Bronni Butterfly because of her love for butterflies. Bron had been suffering from Cystic Vibrosis for many years. The Cystic Vibrosis Emblem is a Butterfly, so very symbolic to all who loved and attended her memorial. It was a truly magical experience, what an array of colours, shapes and sizes.”
Cheryl Stevens

October 2012

“I wanted to email you to let you know what a wonderful experience releasing the 20 butterflies was. Although a very emotional and sad occasion, with only 18 people attending, when each person released their butterfly, it really created a very special moment and we all were lost in our own little world. Seeing the butterflies fly off into the garden really lifted our spirits.
Such a magical moment and everyone agreed that it really helped turn a very sad occasion into one of hope and acceptance. My friend, who lost her baby, thanked me for this and I in turn would like to thank you because without your help, none of this would have happened. Every butterfly was released and it was very, very special. Thanks again for your help and kindness.”


December 2016

“Hi Lizanne,. Nice meeting you on Saturday. I must say that the butterfly release was amazing. It ‘wow-ed’ my guests. Very emotional. All went well. Thank you. May”

April 2015

We were very happy with your prompt turn-around time and the professional way you always accommodated our requests (at the last minute). In that regard, we are very happy to endorse you and refer you to our network. It may be slightly challenging to provide detailed feedback on the butterfly release experience as these were for a funeral and memorial service. While they certainly added a beautiful touch –the circumstances were undeniably very difficult.
Kritanjali Nanackchand

January 2011

Deryck Earle Whiteley passed away on the 30th December 2010. A few days later at his final resting place, during the distribution of his ashes, hundreds of butterflies were released as a farewell to him, the father of Earle Whiteley. It was an amazing sight where butterflies lingered on and fed on local indigenous flowers. As if in salute of his passing. An experience I shall never forget.
Earle Whiteley