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Take a tour to see how your butterflies are bred

– Take a tour to see how your butterflies are bred –

PreparationPreparation is made for the planting of new host plant trees from our nursery for your order of butterflies.

WateringThe daily routine of watering and clearing out parasites from the breeding area.

CopulateWhen the plants are ready – we then have to allow a male and female butterfly to copulate – this takes several days.

ButterfliesThese butterflies are selected from the locality of the function. They are bred from the selection of gravid females.

BaggedThese females are bagged individually onto a branch of their host plant tree.

Females-laying-eggsThe female starts laying her eggs after a few hours – but at times may take up to several days.

EggsOnce the eggs are laid – these are removed and placed into breeding containers – where we will wait a few days for them to hatch.

HatchedOnce they have hatched – we have to feed them with fresh food plant material twice a day.

These grow up to be strong, healthy larva over the next few weeks – growing through five stages of growth, from 3mm long up to 45mm.

PupateNow they are ready to pupate – and we have to be very careful how we handle them – as they are very fragile – here they remain and go through a process called metamorphosis.

HatchingAfter going through the stage of metamorphosis – which can take up to two weeks – the butterflies begin to hatch

A few hours later they are packed and ready to be acclimatized.

CaringGreat care is taken to see that all the butterflies are in good health and kept cool – in a hibernating state – ready for release

The extra butterflies that have been bred are then released back into nature.

Now, at this stage your butterflies are packed and sent off to you for your required function.


Note: Remember…!!!!!…. We cannot accept an order without some form of payment. It is unfair to our butterflies, to book them, and at the last moment, then to cancel your order. This means that we have refused to supply other clients who would have enjoyed their benefit. Be fair and honest. Either book them or cancel your booking timorously.