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We have been supplying SA butterflies as confetti since 1999.
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Responses from clients


We thank all those of you that have sent us an email for your experience of releasing butterflies at your wedding. These are always welcome – so keep them coming. however it is not possible to put them al on the web as there is not much space left on this page to do so. But THANK YOU.


Nicole – July 2015

I just wanted to let you know that everything worked out perfectly with the butterflies! The couple was thrilled!
Thank you so much!!


Up Coming Release – April 2015

Yes…thank you! I have received fantastic service from Tiffany and she has been very kind and helpful! She is going to deliver the butterflies on the 18th April. I’m really looking forward to it and can’t wait for my kids to experience releasing the beautiful butterflies. I will send you some photos. My only wish that I had more money to support you guys better. Thanks for the exceptional customer service. There are many companies in SA that can learn from you!


Palace Of The Lost City Wedding – March 2015

A breeder of SABBA recently assisted at a spectacular butterfly release in a spectacular venue at The Palace, Rustenburg. Each of the 120 wedding guests opened a packet for an individual butterfly release as the bride and groom said the I Do’s.


Afterwards, our breeder assisted with a mass release with the bride and groom for photo’s. There were plenty of oo’s and aah’s, especially from the bride and groom, as the butterflies were a surprise gift to them. All in all, a wonderful response from the wedding guests and of course, from the bridal couple.


Gail – March 2014

“Hello! Dit was regtig ‘n belewenis en almal het dit so geniet. Daar was beslis baie “oehhh’s en ahhhh’s” 🙂 en almal kyk nou met ander oë na skoenlappers. Dit was ongelooflik mooi. Thanks weereens… Julle doen amazing werk.”


Pieter and Aniline – 2nd December 2012

05Dear Earle and Lizanne I could not understand why butterflies are so costly and decided to give you guys a surprise visit in Ramsgate. When we arrived and told you that we wanted to order butterflies for my friends wedding day – you seemed so surprised. Thank you for getting Earle to come and take us on a tour of your breeding facility. We were truly very surprised and inspired by how much work is involved in breeding butterflies and getting them ready for our wedding. As promised we have written you this letter of thanks for your website and must say that all our butterflies were released and in perfect health. We appreciate all the help you have given and were happy to collect them from you in Ramsgate. The information you have provided for their care and well being was truly essential as the weather was hot and dry by us here in Pretoria. We will be sending you some pics soon one we have received them from our photographer, who thanks you guys for advices given for the butterflies stills.



Denise – 8th November 2012

Dear Lizanne I am planning and paying for my only daughter’s wedding – she requested that I arrange and co-ordinate their special day from, as she uttered it “from A-Z mom”… her dream is to have butterflies (for her only a dream) but moms always want the dreams of their children, to come true! I suppose this may be insignificant to you, but it’s important to me, and ultimately to her… but her dad, whom we lost when she was 6 years old, would have given her, her dream wedding. I am now a single pensioner, and will have to save like nobody’s business, but I don’t mind. (this letter received on the day the butterflies were ordered). WOW! What a wonderful, FANTASTIC and AWESOME Blessing! Thank you so very, very, very much! I cannot explain the emotions running through my heart… I never expected something so magnificent! You have me now, in tears… I have no more words… ALL I can say is… THANK YOU… May you be blessed abundantly! (This letter after the wedding took place).


Griek-en-Boer-troue laat stad gons

BLOEMFONTEIN. – ’n Vet Griek-en-Boer-troue het Bloemfonteiners behoorlik aan die gons. Dié spoggerige tradisionele Griekse troue het alles opgelewer – vuurdansers, soesji, sjampanje en oester-kroeë tot fladderende skoenlappers wat as konfetti gebruik is. Op die spyskaart was “boerekos” en tradisionele Griekse poedings, terwyl 3000 borde in egte Griekse tradisie op die dansvloer gebreek is. George Koupis, ’n plaaslike Griekse drankhandelaar, en Yolandé Hanekom, ’n boerenooientjie van Namibië, wat haar eie klerewinkel en bemarkingsonderneming in Bloemfontein besit, het Saterdag voor sowat 700 gaste ewige trou aan mekaar beloof. Die stralende bruid het gesê sy en haar man is albei plat-op-die- aarde-mense, maar hy wou seker maak dat hul troudag die “spesiaalste dag” in haar lewe is.


feedback02“Ons is albei sosiale vlinders en wou ons troue behoorlik op ’n Griekse manier vier.” Liesl Williams, trouebeplanner van Bloemfontein, het gesê dié glansryke bruilof is een van die grootste en duurste troues wat die stad nóg gesien het. Ná die seremonie in die Grieks-Ortodokse kerk het die sowat 330 skoenlappers in alle kleure, wat in spesiale koeverte gehou is, gebibber van die koue. Die gaste het gesukkel om die skoenlappers, wat van Durban gebring is, te laat fladder omdat hulle hierdie tyd van die jaar nog hiberneer. Van die gaste het grappenderwys gesê hulle het die lewensasem in die skoenlappers geblaas. ’n Aangeklamde gas het later die aand gespog dat een van die skoenlappers wat in sy motor beland het die “duurste insek” is wat hy nog in sy motor gehad het. Terwyl die gaste by die Jakkalsdraai-onthaalsentrum vir die paartjie gewag het, kon hulle in ’n massiewe tent met glasdeure heerlike Moët & Chandon-sjampanje in spesiaal ontwerpte glase met die egpaar se embleem geniet en aan soesji en oesters peusel. Altesaam 70 kelners met spesiale goue- en salmkleurige uitrustings en 16 kroegmanne, het die gaste bedien, en by die kroeg is ’n spesiale sigaarsitkamer vir die gaste ingerig. “Dit was omtrent vir jou ’n storie,” het Williams gesê. “Ons sal die spesiale dag nooit in der ewigheid kan vergeet nie,” het die bruidspaar gesê.

– Die Burger
Reporter: Christal-Lize Thomas – 02 nd September 2012 (23:14)


Megan Mills – December 2009

We opened our packets around my daughter Sharon, 12 years old. She opened her packet. I got such a shock when she collapsed onto the ground and started crying, filled with emotion. I’ll never forget this day and the expression on her face. It was one of those once in a million moments of time. Thank you so very much.


Andrea and Sheldon – December 2009

Dear Lizanne, Thank you for getting the butterflies to us on time. We took some photos to show you how it went. But we do not want our faces exposed. Our guests were very thrilled and I was in heaven with the best wedding in town, because all my wishes came true, especially having butterflies at my wedding. Than you you again for the opportunity to have these beautifully little angelic creatures be a part of our special day. They were beautiful. Note: We receive many letters from clients, who have been more than thrilled with our service. Please send in your experiences and allow us to include them on this site.


Jenean Vermeulen – October 2008

I don’t know if you still remember me, I got married on the 23rd February 2008 and I ordered 10 butterflies from you. We visited your sanctuary when we where in Margate on Honeymoon and I promised you photo’s of the butterflies I released on my wedding. I know it’s about 8 months late, I’m sorry for that but here they are…..I’m including some of the photo’s we took at the sanctuary.